Rise of the Divine is a Pathfinder-based game that makes use of the Mythic Tier system.

The World, as it is known, has never been a part of the larger multiverse. It has known neither Heavens, nor Abyss. It has never known summoned creatures, nor magical healing. It has never known the Divine. Those who do choose to worship deities, have their prayers fall on deaf ears. Those hoping for a life beyond, would never know. So it has been for a thousand years.

In the Age Before, the human-led Argonian Empire grew to the full height of its power, ruling with an iron fist across The World’s largest continent. Enveloping or enslaving the other indigenous populations and magical creatures as they either negotiated or, if necessary, decimated entire cultures into submission.

The practical Dwarves, for example, who lived in and above The Empire’s mountain ranges, were the first to see where the earth was shifting and negotiated a peace that allowed them to govern themselves. They would maintain their clans and their Thanes as they always had. As long as the High Thane bowed (at least privately) to his new Emperor, the peace would hold.

Over (and under) the Mountains, across the planes and deserts, through the forests and fields, the Empire flourished. As generations passed, Emperors became more benevolent than those who came before them. Slavery was abolished within the Empire (though traditional slave races such as Halflings and Ratfolk continue to live as a kind of permanent lower class), and huge strides were made in the fields of trade, diplomacy, magic, and medicine.

Rise of the Divine